Weight management is a tricky one… or so some people believe and it’s often the case that whether it’s slimming or other issues, people call me saying “this is my last resort”.

I wish it was the first choice as it would save many people a lot of physical stress and emotional pain and with regard to weight management, probably hundreds, if not thousands of pounds.

How much do you spend on slimming clubs, books and associated products and specialist foods? How miserable does the experience make you?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could simply eat the right amount of food, any food that you fancy when you’re hungry and be able to stop when you’re full.

How would it feel to notice the weight slipping away without having to spend every hour of your waking day thinking about when you can or can’t eat and whether you’re hungry or not.

The subconscious mind doesn’t understand the difference between reality and something vividly imagined. If a stage hypnotist suggests to a chosen member of the audience that he is about to eat the most succulent, juicy, fragrant, tasty apple ever, the audience may find it very funny as they can clearly see that he is eating an onion.

Only when the subject is brought out of the trance do they realise that they weren’t eating an apple! Virtual Gastric Band therapy has been proven to work in the same way but without the need to have expensive, and invasive surgery.

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