Some beliefs may have gone into your unconscious mind for a positive reason – for example, if you have a fear of spiders (not entirely necessary unless you’re planning to travel to Brazil or Australia) then you may have picked this fear up, maybe from your parents who were the providers of thousands of other really useful gems of wisdom that have all carefully been stored in the filing cabinets of your mind to be accessed when needed. Why would your mind question whether spiders are so scary if all the other information that you absorbed proved to be useful? This is why you won’t “unthink” a phobia or fear.

I have worked with many people over the years and whilst every case is different, each person with, for example, a flight phobia, will experience it in a different way ("I don’t like being trapped in the cabin", "I can’t stand the thought of being up so high"…). What is consistent is the rapid and lasting relief from that my clients have reported following their hypnosis session.

Here are some typical comments regarding fears & phobias from clients I've worked with:


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