You may think this site is all about hypnotherapy but it is far more than that – it’s really all about changing the way we think to enable us to live happier lives in whatever way is important to you.

Working with me, you will unleash your hidden potential; or maybe all you want to do is make some minor adjustment to your life, such as losing that half a stone that you’ve spent years unsuccessfully trying to shift in a variety of ways.

Using the elegant, relaxing and powerful combination of neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis and CBT techniques, I can work with you to quickly achieve your goals and change areas of your life and thinking that you didn’t realise could be changed.



Stress • Anxiety • Sleeplessness • Over Thinking • Pain Management • Confidence in Relationships • Addictions • PTSD • Trichotillomania – Compulsive Hair Pulling • Exam Focus • Childhood Issues • Fussy Eating • Fears & Phobias • Weight Loss


Perhaps you believed that “some people are just born with confidence” or “I’ll never be able to achieve as much as my brother/sister/friend” or “I’m addicted to smoking - it’s really hard to break the habit”. Are these, or similar programmes, running in your brain?

Quite simply, you have the most complex computer on the planet between your ears but nobody gave you a manual to allow you to change these programmes. With a skilled practitioner, you can change your thinking, behaviour and habits really easily.

Some beliefs may have gone into your subconscious mind for a positive reason – for example, if you have a fear of spiders (not entirely necessary unless you’re planning to travel to Brazil or Australia!) then you may have picked this fear up from your parents who were the providers of thousands of other really useful gems of wisdom that have all carefully been stored in the filing cabinets of your mind to be accessed when needed.

Why would your mind question whether spiders are so scary if all the other information that you absorbed proved to be useful – this is why you won’t “unthink” a phobia or fear.

Working with the subconscious mind using the above techniques, I can easily help you reprogramme your belief system in the same way you would upload new software into your computer.


The easiest way to find out if I can help you to change now is to call me to arrange a face to face or phone chat to see how quickly you can achieve the changes you’re looking for. My success is your success - the choice to change is yours and I can help you to do it.

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