I have recently been enjoying the tremendous satisfaction of working with clients who have been suffering from PTSD, sometimes, for decades.

Here Is Kevin's Story...

"I served in the Falklands war and was on HMS Sheffield when she was hit be a missile and my three best friends were killed in the attack. In 2017 I had to go on sick after having flashbacks from the war whilst carrying out firefighting duties in my current role."

"I was still unfit for duty when a friend mentioned that Fran might be able to help me with the effects of the PTSD I met Fran on 2nd July 2018 and was completely open minded – the session was very relaxing and I came out of the trance saying that I’d not felt this good since I was about 13. That night, I had the best night’s sleep I’d had in years, probably since the Falklands war and woke up early but full of energy and I noticed over the next few days that the migraine type headaches that I’d had for years had reduced dramatically in severity and frequency."

Fran's Perspective

"I met Kev with the aim of helping him with the general symptoms and effects of PTSD although, interestingly, Kev didn’t mention during our chat that some of his symptoms were manifesting in physical pain!"

"Following the first session which focused on letting go of any outdated programmes his brain may still be running as a consequence of his experiences, letting go of unnecessary anxiety and increasing his confidence levels, Kev reported that he had been offered one job and could we reschedule his next meeting to the afternoon so he could attend an interview for another potential job. Just over a month after his first session, Kevin’s confidence levels and relaxed demeanour are clear signals that something’s working … he now has a choice of four jobs! With one more session planned, I am curious to see how well Kev will be doing at our next meeting. "

Kevin's story was recently covered in The Hull Daily Mail. You can read the story here.


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