Helen - The Marathon Runner

"I had worked with Fran a few years ago when I gave up smoking in one session with none of the side effects and irritability I had experienced when I had tried to give up before and curiously, I really did begin to taste lumpy school custard if I thought of smoking a cigarette!

In 2012 I was due to run my first marathon in London and had picked up a minor injury in training so was feeling a little apprehensive.

Fran helped me embed some positive mantras to chant to myself and got me to the finish line."

FRAN'S PERSPECTIVE – Following the hypnosis session which embedded a positive mind set, Helen went on to finish the marathon in a respectable time and raised over £40,000 for The Parkinson’s Disease Association in the process – what a fantastic achievement.

Josh - The Corporate Client

"When I first met Fran, I found just going into the office and sitting at my desk really stressful. I dreaded the phone ringing and people coming up to talk to me, as I blushed and got sweaty palms. I got the top exams in the country in my year at university so I knew it wasn’t because I was stupid, but I lacked confidence and dreaded going into meetings.

"Within a month, exactly as Fran had said, I was completely relaxed at work and really enjoying just going in without any of the awful symptoms, which had just disappeared, and I was calling meetings to sort out projects rather than dreading attending them."

FRAN'S PERSPECTIVE – It was great to hear of Josh’s progress each time we met but the most gratifying thing was to receive a phone call from one of his colleagues who had asked Josh what he had been doing differently … “I watched his confidence grow over a few weeks” and Josh said “I’ve been seeing a hypnotherapist!”.

It is often said that we don’t notice the changes and growth in ourselves and Josh’s colleague had witnessed such a dramatic change that he booked in with me as soon as I had an available slot.

Emily - The Senior Manager

"I knew Fran personally so felt really comfortable talking about what seemed to be a ridiculous habit but I just couldn’t stop doing it. I’d be sitting in the office, concentrating on something on my laptop and one of my team would tap me and say “you’re sucking your thumb again!”. I said to Fran “how am I going to say to kids, “don’t suck your thumb” when I do” … my eldest daughter is now 8 and after four sessions, I was completely cured."

FRAN'S PERSPECTIVE – Emily’s habit was quite embedded as she’d had to have surgery to realign her jaw as a child due to thumb sucking but even this and the watchful presence of her parents hadn’t stopped her. After the first session, the habit had reduced by around 90% and we did a few more sessions to ensure it had completely gone. Emily is still a friend and continues to have let go of the habit.

Steph – Self-Employed Professional & Mum

"I didn’t smoke much but I wanted to quit for my health, especially as I now have two children. I was also really concerned that I was drinking more and more – I was having a glass of wine every night to relax once the kids were in bed, before my husband got home from work.

When I met Fran, we chatted and she asked me which habit I wanted to work on first and I said drinking. I couldn’t believe it – when I went back for my second appointment the following week, not only had I only drunk when I was out with my husband or friends but I’d also not had a single cigarette."

FRAN'S PERSPECTIVE – Steph was quite typical of many of my clients - she clearly wasn’t addicted to alcohol and smoked maybe five cigarettes a day but was aware that the habits were controlling her.

I was as surprised as Steph when she said she’d given up smoking too and reduced drinking dramatically as we had parked smoking for the second session but Steph said that what had kept coming to mind was that when she was hypnotised, I’d talked to her about being in control of her life and not letting her habits control her. I guess her unconscious mind decided it was time to give up smoking too.

Leigh - Weight Loss / Virtual Gastric Band

"I was beginning to get concerned about my health as I just love food. My friend recommended that I book an appointment with Fran and I’ve lost over two stone since my first appointment just over three months ago. I would say that the one major thing that helped me that I’ve not stopped thinking about is that during the relaxation bit, Fran said something about the fact that if you’re craving anything or if you see something like a McDonalds or something like that, then just remember that it won’t go away, it’ll be there the next week or next month or next year and that’s all that comes into my mind, every time I’ve wanted something, is that it’s not going to go away. Yeah, I’d definitely say that this massively helped."

FRAN'S PERSPECTIVE – Leigh didn’t just love food; she craved the particularly the high calorie, high carb variety such as cheesy chips and pizza, but was aware that her weight might be beginning to affect her health. Listening to Leigh, I realised that the “quick fix” food was easily available to her near her work, so I needed to be creative and trigger something in Leigh’s mind before the decision to go and buy food kicked in. This was when I came up with embedding the idea that the food would always be there in the future, which satisfied the craving.


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