If you want to kick a habit or addiction, hypnotherapy can help whether it’s giving up smoking for good or reducing the alcohol habit before it becomes an addiction. 
If your habit is starting to control you, I can help you get to the route of the problem and embed new positive habits. If you want to swap coffee, biscuits and TV for water, exercise and more energy, hypnotherapy can alter ingrained patterns of behaviour and free you to have a new healthier, revitalised future. 
Here are some typical comments regarding habits and addictions from clients I've worked with: 
“I want to change my diet to improve my health – I’ve got diabetes and arthritis” 
“I need motivation to exercise” 
“I think the hair pulling is from when I was bullied at school” 
“I need to reduce my blood pressure” 
“I want to reduce drinking and quit smoking so I can spend money on other things” 
“I’m drinking and smoking too much – I feel as if I’m on self destruct” 
“I think about work when I’m out of work – I run my own company and I need help to switch off and sleep better” 
“I’m borderline diabetic – I need to lose weight” 
“I’m embarrassed that I bite my nails” 
“I’m going to do a 10k race so I want to give up smoking completely” 
“I know it’s dangerous – I roll cigarettes whilst I’m driving.” 
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